Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House District 52A
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This article was originally posted on 10-25-2011
The Path to Win This Election - Where you come in!

There is a lot of excitement and momentum building up to elect Sandy Masin. The campaign is getting many calls, many letters, many emails. People are asking many questions and offer help in many ways (money - much needed!, signs, administrative work, phone calling and more - see our Volunteer page for various ways you can participate too!). So here is the path to being successfully elected - and it relies on you - the voter!

There are 5 simple steps in the plan:

REGISTER to Voteif you haven't registered to vote, please do so. You cannot vote if you are not registered to vote and you will have no voice if you do not vote.

Registration is a simple process. You only have to do it the first time and when you change your address. Click here to find about voter registration.

Use our websiteStay informed! We will have information about events where you can come and show your support, talk to Sandy, meet your neighbors, discuss the issues and possible solutions. You will be able to contribute here and to see opportunities to volunteer and help.
DFL SD38 CaucusCome to this where you start the direct support for Sandy Masin. [what happens at the Caucus?]
DFL SD38 ConventionCome to this event where you get to ENDORSE Sandy Masin. The Endoresement means that Sandy will receive the DFL's FULL support! Very Important! [what happens at the Convention?]
November 6, 2012
Without this step - your voice will not be heard!

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We are now using this Google Calendar to show all events.

You can help!

Put a SIGN in your yard!


The PRIMARY Election will be held on August 11, 2020. It is important that you vote on this date to affirm your choice of Sandra Masin and assure that she can be a candidate in the GENERAL election in November.
The 2020 GENERAL Elections will be held on November 3, 2020.

Please tell us what issues are important to you. We would love to know...