Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House 51A Representing parts of Burnsville and Eagan


We need your help! Sandra Masin can be re-elected to the House seat in 51A, but she needs your help. As you know, we don't have a lot of time left before the 2020 Elections (Primary on August 11th and General Election on November 3rd) - it just seems like there IS a lot of time! Please review the volunteer opportunities below. If you're interested in any of them please let us know - we can always use the help!

We will need people to put up lawn signs, help raise funds, contact people near them, and on election day call them and get them to vote. We can only win through your kind efforts.


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There are numerous ways you can TAKE ACTION  to ensure that Sandra wins the upcoming election. Here is a list of ways you can help right now:

  1. Register to Vote
    This, of course, is extremely important. If you don't register, you can't vote for Sandra. Fortunately, Minnesota law makes it very easy to register.

    You can register at your polling place on election day. You will need one of the following to verify your residence: A current, valid Minnesota Driver's License, learner's permit or identification card (or receipt for a new one) containing your address in the precinct; a "Notice of Late Registration" card mailed to you by your county auditor (if you turned in a registration card late); someone who is registered in the precinct where you live to vouch for your residence; valid registration at another address in the same precinct; a Minnesota driver's license, US passport, US military identification card or student identification card that includes your name and photo AND an original bill for water, sewer, gas, electric, phone, solid waste or cable television services that includes your name and current address in the precinct and has a due date within 30 days of election day.

    To get a Voter Registration Application before the election go to Minnesota Voter Registration webpage.
    DO REMEMBER to request your ABSENTEE BALLOT! Fill out the request - very simple to do. Yous Absentee Ballot will arrive by mail and allow you to vote WITHOUT going to the Polling place and potentially exposing yourself to Covid-19 infection!

  2. Help Register Your Neighbor to Vote
    If you have a neighbor who you know will likely support Sandra, please make sure they register or hrlp them to register and understand how to vote. Again, registering to vote in Minnesota is very easy, and as the 2000 Election proved - every vote counts!

    Don't be shy. Call your neighbors and discuss voting!

  3. Get a Lawn Sign
    You can show your support by putting a lawn sign in your front yard. This is one of the easiest ways to take action for Sandra. In an election like this, name recognition is extremely important. People want to know the name of those they are voting for. A lawn sign tells your neighbors that the candidate is serious about running for office and has many supporters in the community.

    Don't worry that your house is out of the way and/or doesn't have a lot of traffic in front of it. You never know who will happen by and see the sign on your lawn.

    Please indicate that you want a lawn sign on our Volunteer Form and we will get one to you to put on the lawn this fall. Make sure to include your address in the "Comments" section of the form!

  4. Write a "Letter to the Editor"
    Before an election, many people read the editorial sections of the local newspapers to see what other people think about the candidates and their stands on the issues. Make your voice heard too! Write a "Letter to the Editor" in support of Sandra.
  5. Tips for Writing a Letter to the Editor:
    • Include Your Name, Address and Telephone Number: Most newspapers will only print a letter to the editor after calling the author to verify his or her identity and address. Newspapers will not give out that information and will usually only print your name and city should your letter be published.
    • Be Clear and Concise: Keep your letters brief and to the point. Newspaper editors often edit letters for length (as well as content and readability!), so try to keep your letter to less than 250 words.
    • State Your Point Early: Be sure to state your main point in the subject line and in the first sentence of the letter.
    • Keep to One Topic: Keep your letters focused on one subject.

    If you want to write a Letter to the Editor and need our help, we will be very glad to assist you! Please go to Volunteer Form and place a check in the checkbox next to "Letter to the Editor". We will contact you by email and give you all the help we can.

  6. Call Talk Radio
    Many people like listening to and calling in to talk radio programs about candidates running for office. You should be one of them! Even conservative talk shows like getting calls from those in support of progressive candidates like Sandra.

  7. Tips for Calling Talk Radio
    • Call Early: Call early in the show so you can be sure to be included in the program.
    • Keep Calling: If the call-in line is busy, just keep redialing the number. You will get through, especially on a local program.
    • Plan What You Are Going to Say: Write out your talking points to help you plan what you are going to say before you are on the air. But make sure you can summarize it in one, quick sentence, so you can inform the call screener what you want to talk about. You are much more likely to get on the air if you don't sound like you are rambling and can get right to the point. If you can, practice what you will say while you are waiting.


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