Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House District 52A
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This article was originally posted on 10-03-2011
Masin runs to regain seat

The following was released today from Sandra Masin's Campaign:

October 3, 2011


Contact: Micki Lechner-Riehle

Masin runs to regain seat

Former state representative announces new campaign

EAGAN, MN -- Eagan resident and former state representative Sandra Masin has announced that she intends to run for the legislature in 2012.

"There's so much work to be done, creating jobs, getting our state back on track as a place where we all are proud to live," Masin said. "This last session, and the shutdown, has proven that, more than ever, we need reasonable, serious people in government who can work across the party aisle and take responsibility to improve the budget process for long term stability and practicality. The practice of shifting funds from this pocket to that pocket does not resolve real budget questions. It only pushes the problems forward. Spending down the reserve funds has lead to a serious down-grading in Minnesota's financial rating."

Masin, who was first elected in 2006, distinguished herself in previous sessions. She helped lead the way to dedicate funds for transportation infrastructure, maintaining and improving roads and bridges and in the process created real jobs for Minnesotans. She sponsored a bill that created the Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force. She carried a bill to bring back strategic and long range planning so policy is based on long term goals.

She hopes to continue that work, as well as ensuring that decent government works for all our residents, not just the wealthiest. "I think there's nothing more important to the future of our state than ensuring an educational system of excellence. I've heard it from my neighbors, from small and large business leaders, from frustrated parents. We cannot continue with 'absentee representation.' I will work with you to solve our problems made worse by inaction or short-sighted, ill-advised gamesmanship. I stand ready to consult with you and achieve a common sense way to our common goals for a common good."

Masin, a Democrat, was defeated by a slim margin in the 2010 Republican wave. She previously represented House District 38A, but with redistricting, the borders will likely change and the district may get a different number. These changes are not scheduled to be finalized until February.


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