Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House District 52A
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This article was originally posted on 05-31-2020
Curfew CONTINUES: Sunday 5-31-2020 8pm through
Monday 6-1-2020 6am

Dear Neighbors,
  • The Department of Public Safety is asking all local communities to NOT be in the streets tonight, for any reason.

  • The coordinated National Guard, State Patrol, and Law enforcement presence continues to grow.

  • This response is to address a sophisticated network of urban warfare. We expect the individuals involved to use deadly force – both with fires and other weapons.

  • A primary tactic they have used is to locate civilians and use them as both shields from law enforcement and distractions to effective response.

  • YOU MUST STAY IN PLACE. Don't be out walking, do not drive your car unless is it an emergency situation.

  • We cannot have innocent people caught up in the sweep of those inflicting violence and danger on our communities.

  • These people are sophisticated and coordinated and we need to allow our law enforcement to focus response and resources on the legitimate threats attacking our communities.

  • Just because you don’t see the coordinated response – such as National Guard soldiers, know that they are out in the community. DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOU ARE NOT BEING SEEN BY THEM. Our response teams have airborne surveillance. If you are out patrolling the street, our response teams cannot know if you are there to do damage or to protect and will divert resources to find out.

  • If you are out, you are making the response operation more difficult. You are taking resources and attention away from effectively responding to threats.

  • Protecting and keeping watch from safe, non-mobile locations is fine.

It has been advised that it is best to call 911 to report incidents.

Dakota County is under curfew.

Please stay home, please stay safe.


Sandra Masin

State Representative

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The PRIMARY Election will be held on August 11, 2020. It is important that you vote on this date to affirm your choice of Sandra Masin and assure that she can be a candidate in the GENERAL election in November.
The 2020 GENERAL Elections will be held on November 3, 2020.

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