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This article was originally posted on 04-25-2019
Legislative Update, 25 April 2019: FUNDING EDUCATION

Dear Neighbors,

On Tuesday, my colleagues and I began voting on budget legislation on the House floor. The first budget that we approved was E-12 education.

Parents, students, teachers, staff, and administrators have been telling legislators for years that education funding was inadequate and not keeping up with inflation. Communities were forced to resort to teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and bond referendums and operating levies that push costs off on local taxpayers. I believe that building a better future for Minnesota requires honest investments in students and schools across the state.

Our E-12 education budget would invest in every student in every public school. It would increase funding by approximately $701 per student in ISD 191, $490 per student in ISD 196, and $591 per student in ISD 197. Per-pupil funding would increase by three percent in the first year and by another two percent in the second. There is also support to help minimize the impact of cross-subsidies, a major issue for school districts. This increase in funding is necessary to give all Minnesota children the great start in life and world-class education that they deserve.

The bill has a host of additional good things to help improve outcomes for our students and our education system. Other measures would support students inside and outside the classroom, improve health and safety, and provide bridges to post-secondary opportunities, including career and technical education.

A fact sheet on the E-12 education budget is available here.

I was proud to vote for this budget because it's essential that we provide the best education possible for our students so that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential and our businesses have a talented workforce that will help them compete in a global economy.


Sandra Masin
State Representative

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