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This article was originally posted on 05-27-2016
Legislative Update - May 27, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

Legislative Session
The 2016 legislative session ended shortly before midnight May 22, 2016 amidst a clamor of representatives still trying to be recognized. In a last minute attempt to fund transportation, the House Majority presented a revised bonding bill with a one-time sum of $300 million for transportation from the budget surplus. The final bonding/transportation bill was hurriedly cobbled together in the closing hours of session, allowing us less than 45 minutes to review the bill. The bill passed in the House, but was amended in the Senate and the House adjourned before considering the amended bill. [more]

As a way of background, an $800 million House bonding proposal was not released until May 19 - less than a week before we were constitutionally mandated to adjourn. There was not a sufficient amount of statewide projects to secure the 3/5 super majority vote needed to pass. The bill was discussed briefly, a House vote was taken, it failed, and was then "tabled" allowing it to be brought up again when a revised bill came forward.

As the entire House of Representatives learned this week, according to nonpartisan research, the final bonding bill contained several errors and omissions. House members received an updated spreadsheet from the House staff with corrections on Wednesday this week - two days after we adjourned. This is evidence that we need a transparent and open process when we legislate on bills that could potentially become law.

Although there were several missed opportunities, I was pleased to support a bipartisan tax bill that passed in the House. Highlights of the bill include an expansion of the child care tax credit, increased tax credits for veterans, property tax relief for small businesses, and a new student loan tax credit. My Burnsville TIF provision was also included in the final bill, which provides funding to the city to prepare the landfill property for development.

A special session to complete unfinished work is being taken into consideration. Governor Dayton has not committed and said he wouldn't until a solid agreement is struck between both House and Senate leaders.

Coffee Meet and Greet
Tomorrow, May 28, I invite you to join me for a "Coffee Meet and Greet" listening session. I will be meeting those interested at May 28th Junior's Sports Cafe (1996 Highway 13 E., Burnsville) from 10 a.m.-noon. I hope you can make it, and that you will bring your comments and questions.

"Coffee Meet and Greet" is open-house style, and constituents are welcome to come at any point between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

I hope to see you soon.


Sandy Masin
State Representative
Minnesota House District 51A

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