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This article was originally posted on 05-18-2015
May 18 2015 - Last Day of Session

Dear Friends,

We came into Session around 11:00 this morning and have spent most of the day voting on Conference Committee Reports. The first one, the Environmental and Agricultural Conference Report, took a few hours. One of the more controversial portions of the bill is the fact that funds created to help with long-term oversight of landfills are being emptied. This is concerning because Dakota County has numerous landfills. Some contaminants in landfills can be dangerous to people, animals, and the environment, so it is essential to monitor the landfills. A letter from the Dakota County Board states,
Depleting the funds now could leave the State and local governments dangerously unprepared to safeguard the environment.
I voted no, but the bill did pass. This is one the shifts that the Republican Majority consistently used in their Omnibus bills this year. Money is taken from the account and then used to pay for something else. Given the fact that there is still a budget surplus, it makes such actions hard to justify.

The Republican Majority gave up on a comprehensive Transportation Bill, so we passed a "Lights Out" version. This is highly unusual, particularly when this was to be the Transportation Year. At 10:35 P.M., we are starting the Legacy Conference Report. We also heard the State Government Conference Report.

Eagan Police 50th Anniversary
The Eagan Police Department held a community celebration in recognition of their 50th Anniversary on May 14th. There was a formal program, exhibits, activities as well as an Open House at the Police Department. It was nice to see so many of our retired and former members.

Justice Alan Page
On May 14, the Minnesota House of Representatives honored Justice Alan Page for his many years of distinguished service to the people of Minnesota. In addition to his fame as a Minnesota Viking, he made history be being elected to the Supreme Court in 1992 and will be retiring from that position this summer.

As always, please contact me anytime with your input. I will write soon to update you on the final actions of the legislative session.


Sandy Masin

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