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This article was originally posted on 05-17-2014
End of 2013-2014 Legislative Session: What Was Accomplished

The House wrapped up the 2013-2014 Legislative Session on Friday 16 May, 2014. For the first time in a decade the session actually ended early.

This biennium (2-year session) was extraordinarily productive. The budgets which were passed were balanced, Minnesotans will experience tax relief in various forms (in the form of tax cuts to low- and middle-income Minnesotans and in refunds of property taxes, as well as renter's credits.) More than 320,000 Minnesotans will receive a wage increase over the next two years as the minimum wage hike takes effect in stages to reach $9.50 per hour in 2016.

Our schools budgets, decimated by the previous administration, have now been restored although much remains to be done to make up for the many years of neglect.

The new budgets and allocations are in areas that invest in the infrastructure of the state and the human capital of the state. Long Term care caregivers to seniors and disabled persons will receive long-deserved wage raises, job creation and broadband in Greater Minnesota, higher education, education from pre-K to higher education will see more financial allocations, and even potholes in the state which damage cars and impede on smooth transportation received attention and financial allocations. And the budget is balanced!

Of great significance is the passage of Women's Economic Security Act (WESA). This act closes the gaps in wages between genders, provides increased workplace protections, flexibility in employment to pregnant mothers, and expands job opportunities for women in higher-wages jobs.

The last session built on several other significant achievements in 2013: Funding all day kindergarten care for all Minnesota families, and the passage of marriage equality.

There is a lot to be proud and please be assured that none of this would have taken place without your steadfast support, encouragement and communications with your legislators - telling them what you as citizens of the State of Minnesota want to happen!

If you like to know more specific information about specific items, please do not hesitate to call my office at 651/296-3533, or email me at

Thank you all!

Rep. Sandy Masin
House District 51A

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