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This article was originally posted on 02-26-2014
Passing a Bill - "Stayin' Alive"

The 2014 Legislative Session began yesterday. There are several important bills coming up. The workflow is described below along with relevant deadlines. The key dates for this session are:

March 21: 1st Committee - a House bill must be approved by a committee in the House and a Senate bill must be approved by a Senate committee in order to continue deliberations on it (in other words, for the bill to "stay alive").

If the bill remains alive, it goes to the other house.

March 28: 2nd Committee - a House bill must be approved by a Senate Committee and a Senate bill must be approved by a House committee to remain alive.

If the bill appropriates money, it goes to the respective House Ways and Means Committee, or to the Senate Finance Committee.

April 4: 3rd Committee - approval by the House Ways and Means or the Senate Finance must be secured for the bill to remain alive.

April 10-22: Easter/Passover recess.

May 19: Legislature must adjourn by Minnesota's Constitution. The legislature may adjourn earlier, if the work is completed.

If you are interested in tracking a bill in the House or Senate, this link is a good start:

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