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This article was originally posted on 09-30-2013
Rep. Sandra Masin: Government Shutdown is Completely Unnecessary

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I'm in Washington DC this week at the Women Legislators Lobby Conference meeting with women leaders from across the country. It's a great opportunity to meet with other leaders and talk about ways to find solutions to problems that we're all facing in our various states.

Unfortunately, it comes at a time when the US House of Representatives is not so focused on solutions. With a government shutdown imminent, we are gathered near the Capitol to call on Congress to work together to end the brinksmanship and get back to business doing the work of the people.

It's ridiculous to think that the body that represents us can't even function well enough to keep our federal government up and running. Even when there are disagreements on issues like government spending or health care, we should still be able to come together to find a solution without putting the entire economy at risk. If the federal government shuts down, thousands upon thousands of workers will be laid off. Crucial government programs for veterans and seniors will be shut down. Critical services that people rely on will no longer be available.

This kind of shutdown is completely unnecessary. Policy disagreements should be discussed in committee and on the chamber floor. They should not be used to hold hostage the entire US economy. I hope you'll join me in contacting our members of congress and urging them to find a solution that will keep our federal government up and running.

Sandra Masin

Congressman John Kline
Phone: (952) 808-1213

Senator Amy Klobuchar
Phone: (612) 727-5220

Senator Al Franken
Phone: (651) 221-1016


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