Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House District 52A
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This article was originally posted on 08-18-2013
Dog Days of Summer Celebration

Today we celebrated the Dog Days of Summer at the lovely and beautiful home of Nancy Hall and Chris Barrett. Thank you Nancy and Chris!!!

The weather was very cooperative and we had a strong showing by supporters of Rep. Sandy Masin.

Sandy spoke briefly of the accomplishments of the legislative session that ended recently, but focuse on the priorities in the next session, which will begin in February 2014.

Two top priorities are funding transportation projects and increasing minimum wages.

Transportation projects have been short of fun funds for some time and the needs are wide and deep. EVERY Minnesotan benefits from these projects and focusing on funding important infrastructural projects is important so we do not fall even further behind.

Some of the participants in the event
Increasing the Minimum Wage in Minnesota is necessary because we are falling behind the national averages in that respect. Minimum wages are not living wages, nor are they fair wages.

One comment during the talk pointed out that minimum wage earners use every bit of the money they earn putting the money back into the economy, thus stimulating the economy and enhancing it.

Yes, they do not send the earned money to their hidden bank accounts in foreign lands!

Senator Jim Carlson (SD51) joined us as well and we had a lively question and answer session with both legislators.

Again, thank you Nancy and Chris for your hospitality, and Thank You everyone who came to the event - your support is much appreciated!

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